The Examiner News on Substack: The Hudson Valley’s most innovative, vibrant place for in-depth local news and opinion journalism from our award-winning team of reporters. 

Learn what the buzz is all about and subscribe to The Examiner News on Substack. We are the newest digital initiative from Examiner Media, the award-winning local news institution that has been publishing the area’s best community journalism since 2007. Selected as one of just a dozen winners from across the globe to participate in the Substack Local program, you will find original reporting here that you won’t be able to locate anywhere else.

We know your time is your most valuable commodity. You won’t have to wade through superficial pap in order to find meatier reads. We’re only serving you the good stuff. That’s not to say we’re exclusively focused on sober, dry reporting. We’re also here to tell you fun, smart stories chronicling the lighter side of local life. Also, you won’t have to X out of any annoying ads. On Substack, you, our subscribers, are our only customers. Our focus will be on producing the liveliest, most innovative in-depth news and opinion journalism to enrich your understanding of the world locally and beyond.  

Our Westchester and Putnam County, NY-based journalists have won dozens of New York Press Association awards over the course of their illustrious careers, dating back more than four decades for our more veteran staff members. We’re also proud to introduce you to our stable of talented younger writers who bring our readership a fresh perspective on the Hudson Valley scene.

As a subscriber-based digital publication, our fidelity is to our readers. We know you’re busy living your life. It’s our job to find and deliver you the most interesting and important stories impacting your world. Enriching journalism that illuminates and entertains because those two qualities are not mutually exclusive. (By the way, if you’re interested in learning more about our other print and digital platforms, visit us at 

And let me remove the third-person mask. My name is Adam Stone, and I started this news organization in 2007 (a highly unlikely time, to put it mildly) with an unwavering belief that quality local journalism remains in high demand and more important than ever in the Internet age. Examiner Media surviving the Great Recession and the pandemic, among countless other challenges, is a testament to the desire of readers to consume and sustain professionally-reported, fact-checked local journalism.

Let me also say this: More than being a local publisher I’m a local resident myself, raising my family right here in Mt. Kisco, NY. My wife and I and our two daughters (along with our two dogs and one hamster) are invested in the region Examiner Media covers in every sense of the word. As a locally owned, independent media outlet, it’s critical for us to continue to innovate and evolve as the media landscape changes. 

Here with our Substack Local publication, we’re hoping to not only enhance our own journalistic production but also chart a new path for local news outlets across the world to develop, grow and prosper. Together we can change the narrative about a battered industry. You’re part of something bigger, something pioneering, with your support of our endeavor. 

Now down to details. 

We’re producing a trio of newsletters on Substack. 

Approximately three quarters of our content you’ll be able to access for free. The other quarter can only be unlocked by paid subscribers.  

A list of our three newsletters:

  • The Examiner News (mostly free/some paid): Our core, flagship newsletter is distributed multiple days per week and examines the region with in-depth, innovative journalism, the types of stories, analysis pieces and first-person participatory accounts you won’t find in our print or website publications. While our longtime, popular email newsletter ( will continue to break news and share our website posts, The Examiner News on Substack takes you to the story behind the story. Our reporters will usually write in the first-person, creating a more intimate email relationship between you and your correspondents. As journalists, too often we fail to make ourselves accessible to our readership. The Examiner News on Substack will give you a peek inside on how the sausage gets made through our first-person narratives and podcasts. You’re invited inside the mysterious reporter’s notebook. 

  • Happenings (all free): Happenings provides you the inside scoop on the most exciting local events in the area. Not just a list of dates and details, we’ll deliver you the color and context you need about local happenings to plan your social calendar, from a dining and recreational perspective to area entertainment and beyond. 

  • Voices (mostly free/some paid): Voices is committed to providing a platform to exciting local writers with strong opinions and reporting chops. Covering a diverse array of hot-button topics, you might not always agree with our columnists, and neither will I, but they’ll always argue with reporting-based facts, passion and verve.

I started this company in 2007 dedicated to the notion that the area, in order to be a community, required reliable information and a common set of facts to bind it together. Never in my two decades on the local journalism scene have I felt more passionately about that founding principle. With The Examiner News on Substack, we’ve unveiled Examiner Media 2.0, cutting new edges for how local media can and should sustain itself and grow moving forward. We need a new, sturdy local media infrastructure to repopulate news deserts with news outlets, in the United States and across the world. I’m convinced reader revenue — your support — will play an outsized role in achieving this critically important goal. 

So this is how The Examiner News operates on Substack - Essentially, we’re an email newsletter that is also available to the world on a website. Approximately three quarters of what we post is available at no charge to everyone. As for the remaining quarter, whether it’s written word journalism or audio journalism or discussion threads with our staff, that bonus content is exclusively for our paid subscribers. 

For now, subscription fees are just $6 per month or only $50 for the year. As a paid subscriber, you unlock all the Substack material we generate. Additionally, a subscription supports a cause far larger than us. Each subscription helps prove this new business model works, drawing a clearer roadmap toward sustainability for a vital American industry in distress. 

You also have the option of subscribing as an Examiner Ambassador. We suggest $210 for the Ambassador program but hardcore Examiner fans are free to contribute as much as they’d like towards our mission. While the primary motivation to become an Ambassador will be to support our cause, we will publicly highlight these advocates once per month, as an added benefit, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. The following link lists the basics about our various tiers:

We also pride ourselves on transparency. You’ll never have to worry about whether some corporate agenda is driving our story selection. We’re your neighbors, not faceless suits in some fancy boardroom. To read our Code of Ethics and more about our small business story and our senior staff, click here:

If you’re still unsure of whether we’ll deliver you value, subscribe at no charge for our free content. You will get a taste of all of our sections at no cost. Our only request: become a paying customer if you like the work we’re doing. You’ll never be required to do so but we hope you conclude our work is worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

And here’s the thing: you’re able to opt out at any time and cancel your subscription. But we’ll be hustling every day to keep you coming back for more. 

When scooting around Pleasantville and Mount Kisco in my Honda Accord on Sept. 11 of 2007, distributing debut print newspaper copies of The Examiner around a pair of downtowns with my ink-stained hands, this launch would have been impossible to conceive. However, the world changes and the bottomline is this: we’ll be working hard daily to ensure your paid subscription is money well spent and worthy of your precious time — a meaningful investment in not just us but in local community journalism more broadly.


Our mission is to provide our audience with thoroughly reported and researched journalism that illuminates in an entertaining fashion. Stories to enrich your day, delivered straight to your inbox.

Other benefits

Readers who subscribe for the year within the next month receive 10% off our annual subscription rate.

If you’re in financial distress, email me at and we’ll provide you with a free annual subscription. We’re on the honor system.

If you’re comfortable financially, and subscribe to our Examiner Ambassador program, every dollar donated over and above the $210 suggested rate goes toward paying for free subscriptions for readers grappling with financial difficulty.

If you want to purchase yearlong access to all of our paid content on both Substack and our website, you’ll receive a half off discount code when subscribing on either platform, lowering the annual total to just $75 for both instead of $100.


  • Our priority is producing meaningful, thought-provoking and fun localized journalism. Telling the stories that impact your world here in the Hudson Valley.

  • Our goal is fairness. Our goal is to be accurate. However, we don’t pledge neutrality. When relevant, you’ll know where we stand. Also, of utmost importance, when we make a mistake, we will correct it.

  • Our editorial decision-making is entirely unswayed by outside influences.

About us

  • The Examiner News was started by me, Adam Stone, an award-winning journalist with two decades of experience in the field, from beat reporting to publishing.

  • Robert Schork is our Digital Editorial Director. Schork is the former Editorial Director of Westchester Magazine and its group of ancillary publications, including 914INC., an award-winning business magazine he developed in 2010.

  • Production Chief Dean Pacchiana is our webmaster, graphic artist and general tech wizard.

  • Recent college graduate Bailey Hosfelt, magna cum laude at Fordham University, is our newest journalist. With valuable experience in media, communications and newsletters, Bailey is already an invaluable asset to our small but hard charging staff.